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I now stock the full range of the new Fulling Mill fly boxes. There is a fly box to suit every angler, in any situation, from the small Pocket Fly Box (perfect for the evening rise), to the Tactical Max Fly Box (great for the angler who carries a full range of nymphs). With sizes in between, including one specifically for streamers, they cover all the needs of today's river and stillwater fly-fisher. All these boxes contain quality, high density, slit foam, to hold your flies very securely. They are made from lightweight polycarbonate and benefit from the addition of guide ridges to the outer casing to help you grip the box with wet hands.

Pocket Fly Box

Pocket Fly Box £11.50

The Pocket Box is the smallest of the range. This lightweight box features a sleek, frosted lid so you can see your flies. Inside is a one sided high density, 4mm slit foam with capacity for up to 143 flies. As the name suggests, this box will fit snugly into the average shirt or trouser pocket, making it the ideal day box. Available in red and grey.

Size: 20 x 84 x 119 (mm)

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Stealth Fly Box

Stealth Fly Box £17.50

With room for 304 neatly placed flies, the Stealth box packs a fair punch and at well under 2cm thick it's easily stored about one's person too. This lightweight polycarbonate box features a sleek, premium frosted lid so you can see what's what. Inside you'll find a one-sided high density 4mm slit foam.

Size: 20 x 106 x 186 (mm)

Tactical Fly Box

Tactical Fly Box £21.95

When it comes to a weekend away on your favourite trout river or that afternoon session on local reservoir, you don't want to be short of storage capacity. That's where the Tactical box comes in. With room for more than 600 flies, this high impact-resistant fly box is what you need thanks to it's double sided foam inserts with pre-cut slits allowing you to arrange even the smallest of nymphs just how you like them.

Size: 32 x 106 x 186 (mm)

Streamer Fly Box

Streamer Fly Box £21.95

This handy sized box was conceived with the streamer and saltwater angler in mind. Made using the same tough material that riot shields are made from, with plenty of secure parking space for up to 60 of those bulkier patterns, we're not sure what else you could need for that trip out back. Benefiting from a sleek, premium frosted lid you can see what's what before lifting the hood. Plus, as with all our boxes, there is the subtle addition of guide ridges to the outer casing to help you keep a firm grip on things.

Size: 32 x 106 x 186 (mm)

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Tactical Max Fly Box

Tactical Max Fly Box £29.95

The flagship of our range, the Tactical Max would take most anglers a few days to fill. With room for 960 deadly patterns, spread across four sides of high density slit foam, all shielded from the elements by the impact resistant poly-carbonate outer shell. This is THE "go to" box when it comes to getting out there on the water with the right tools for the job. At just over 4cm thick, it's highly portable too.

Size: 44 x 106 x 186 (mm)

Dry Fly/Hopper Box

Dry Fly/Hopper Box £21.95

The Fulling Mill Hopper box was conceived as a real multi-purpose all rounder. With room for 216 patterns the box has good depth to suit a variety of sizes. Benefiting from a sleek, premium frosted lid you can see what's what before lifting the hood. The addition of guide ridges to the outer casing helps you keep a firm grip on things. Magnetic closure.

Size: 32 x 106 x 186 (mm)

Fly Floatant, Leader Sinkant, Strike Indicators

Dry Sauce

Dry Sauce £7.95

Having tried a multitude of dry fly floatants over many years I have settled on Dry Sauce from Fulling Mill as my favourite for flies other than CDC dries (when I use Tiemco Dry Magic). You only need the smallest amount, which should be rubbed between your fingers, before applying sparingly to your fly. The bottle is a standard size and can be hung from a bottle holder on your waistcoat.


Fullers Mud £4.25

There are many degreasing/sinkant pastes available but this Fuller's Mud formula is the best I've used by far. When fishing dry fly on smooth water (river or lake) it is essential that the tippet does not sit high on the surface or fish will likely be spooked. Likewise, if our tippet is shiny (which most are) it will glint and reflect light which also has the potential to scare fish. Fullers Mud is a dual action paste which degreases the tippet so that it breaks the surface tension and is also very slightly abrasive to remove excess shine. This small tub fits easily in your waistcoat pocket but will last all season and probably much longer. Also good when fishing nymphs and wets - degreasing your leader means your leader/flies cut through the surface and sink quicker to the fishing zone.

Tapered Leaders

Tapered Leaders £4.75

Tapered Leaders are essential when fishing dry flies, the DuoAKA New Zealand Style and Klink & Dink and spiders. They extend the taper of the fly-line allowing energy from the cast to travel through the thick butt section down the tapering leader to the tippet and fly. A tapered leader dissipates the energy imparted by the caster/rod giving good turnover and presentation. Without a good tapered leader the fly tends to land in a pile of tipper without turning over. I use these Fulling Mill 9' 5lb leaders on smaller streams and 12' 6lb on bigger rivers. I always add a short length of my favourite tippet in a suitable breaking strain/diameter, even if I have to cut back the leader slightly. 5lb and 6lb are likely as strong as you will need while allowing you to add a finer tippet if necessary.

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Tactical Sighter

Tactical Sighter £4.95

These Tactical Sighters from Fulling Mill are available in Orange & Yellow (currently out of stock), and Pink & Yellow, and are a welcome addition to the range. They are perfect for a range of river nymphing techniques, including upstream nymphing, French leader, Euro nymphing, etc. They are made from two brightly coloured braids with black markings, giving a 3 tone colour combination for good visibility in differing light conditions. They have incorporated micro rings for easy attachment to the leader and tippet. I treat mine with Mucilin prior to fishing to improve floatation. They give delicate presentation, are easy to see and are super sensitive.

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Spanish Leader Indicator/Mono

Spanish Leader/Indicator Mono £14.50

Euro nymphing is all the rage in fly fishing at the moment, whether competition fishing or just for pleasure. And it is here to stay. There are a range of broadly similar Euro nymphing techniques and the Spanish Leader is the latest of these. In a nutshell the technique uses a very long (approximately 2x rod length), fine, level, highly visible, leader. It differs from the French Leader in that you need weight in your flies (read nymphs) to cast. With a well tapered French Leader you can cast dry flies. I use this pink & yellow Indicator Mono from Fulling Mill to construct my Spanish leaders, simply by using around 2 rod lengths connected to my fly-line via loop to loop. At the end of the leader I use a tippet ring to attach my tippet and 2 nymphs. At 2x / 7.3lb / 0.24mm it should never snap and with the use of a tippet ring it will last for seasons!

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