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River Strike Indicators

River Strike Indicators £4.25

Self adhesive, pinch on, foam bite indicators made by Fulling Mill. These are by far the best strike/bite indicators to use for river fly fishing as they are virtually weightless, give little wind resistance and, therefore, cast well on light river rods/lines. I use them for upstream nymphing by attaching one to the leader where it is knotted to the braided loop. They do not peel, fade or suffer from colour run. The closed cell foam won't get waterlogged like yarn indicators. The aggressive, waterproof adhesive backing, stays on the leader until you decide to remove it - and will leave minimal residue when it is removed. Available in yellow and hot pink - I carry both to cover differing light situations. Each sheet contains 32 punch-out indicators in two different sizes. Useful also for Czech Nymphing.

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Stillwater Strike Indicators

Stillwater Strike Indicators (Bungs) £2.90

There are many types of indicators (or bungs if you prefer) for stillwater fly fishing but these simple foam balls are my prefered ones. They are slid up your leader before tying on flies and locked in place by means of a plactic peg. It is quick and easy to alter the depth at which you at fishing by removing the peg, sliding the bung up or down the leader and replacing the peg. I like to fish a team of (usually) 2 buzzers suspended below my indicator at 2' and 5'. This covers fish cruising just below the surface and those a little deeper - the most likely place to catch throughout much of the season. If I don't get takes I move the indicator up my leader about 1' and continue to to this until I start to get takes. These strike indicators work on small stillwaters to the largest reservoirs for rainbow trout and brown trout too. Available in 2 sizes: standard and large for bigger flies and/or a bigger wave. 6 per pack

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Tiemco Dry Magic

Tiemco Dry Magic £8.95

Tiemco only make quality products and are best known for their superb range of hooks and flytying tools. Tiemco Dry Magic fly floatant is no exception and after years of searching for a suitable and effective floatant for my CDC flies this is it. "Dry Magic" is a very apt name: it comes out of the tube looking like any other gel floatant, but when you rub it between your fingers to apply to your dry fly it feels dry - weird! It can be applied to all dry flies, but is best reserved for your CDC flies. Being a 'dry' floatant it will not clog CDC flies, keeps them floating longer and makes them easier to dry after releasing a fish. It's not cheap, but you do get a lot (12ml - enough to last years) and although not a perfect fit it will sit safely in your inverted floatant bottle holder. You don't buy floatants often so buy the best!

Dry Sauce

Dry Sauce £6.95

Having tried a multitude of dry fly floatants over many years I have settled on Dry Sauce from Fulling Mill as my favourite for flies other than CDC dries. You only need the smallest amount, which should be rubbed between your fingers, before applying sparingly to your fly. The bottle is a standard size and can be hung from a bottle holder on your waistcoat.


Fullers Mud £3.95

There are many degreasing/sinkant pastes available but this Fuller's Mud formula is the best I've used by far. When fishing dry fly on smooth water (river or lake) it is essential that the tippet does not sit high on the surface or fish will likely be spooked. Likewise, if our tippet is shiny (which most are) it will glint and reflect light which also has the potential to scare fish. Fullers Mud is a dual action paste which degreases the tippet so that it breaks the surface tension and is also very slightly abrasive to remove excess shine. This small tub fits easily in your waistcoat pocket but will last all season and probably much longer. Also good when fishing nymphs and wets - degreasing your leader means your leader/flies cut through the surface and sink quicker to the fishing zone.

Beginner's Starter Set

Beginner's Starter Set £40.00

Unlike river flies, good quality stillwater flies are now available from a variety of sources. For this reason I do not sell stillwater flies individually and to compete with those companies selling them. I do, however, sell a set of flies for those new to fly fishing. In my opinion the one area of fly fishing that beginners find most daunting is the flies we use, so I have put together a collection of the best known stillwater flies sorted into types i.e. lures, nymphs, buzzers and dries. These flies have been selected with the beginner in mind:- they are all proven good trout flies, well known, and are generally small flies without the addition of weight to hinder fly casting for the novice angler. The set includes 30 flies, a good quality fly box and a set of Stillwater Strike Indicators. (Please note box and flies may vary)

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