The Yorkshire Dales has many rivers and smaller streams with good fly fishing for trout and grayling. For me, living at the southern end of the Yorkshire Dales, near Skipton, the rivers Nidd, Ure and Wharfe are my main fly fishing rivers, but there are many more within only a short distance. All share similar characteristics of being fast flowing, oxygen rich, rainfed and unpolluted. They all have brown trout in varying numbers and sizes, and some have grayling too.

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River Ribble The River Ribble is a typical Yorkshire Dales river with a prolific population of brown trout, grayling and unusually for the Yorkshire Dales, salmon and sea trout...
River Swale The River Swale is reputedly the fastest flowing river in England, though I have not found it to be any different to the other Yorkshire Dales rivers...
Rivers Doe & Twiss The River Doe and River Twiss are two small rivers that join together just below the village of Ingleton to form the River Greta, a tributary of the River Wenning, and eventually the River Lune...
River Skirfare The River Skirfare is a tributary of the River Wharfe in Wharfedale, entering the main river near Kilnsey. The Skirfare is a challenging, clear river, with large, difficult, wild trout...
River Bain The River Bain is a tributary of the River Ure, which it joins at Bainbridge in Upper Wensleydale. Its main claim to fame is that it is the shortest river in England...
River Cover The River Cover is another tributary of the River Ure, joining the main river main river at Cover Bridge, between the villages of Middleham and East Witton...
River Tees The River Tees is not actually in the Yorkshire Dales, it is in Durham, though it once formed the border between Yorkshire and Durham...

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