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This index of the Yorkshire Dales Flyfishing website is here to assist you in finding what you want from the site quickly. All links open in new windows so that you can keep the index open whilst browsing.

about:- my qualifications | Yorkshire Dales Fly Fishing
Angram Reservoir
APGAI (Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructor: about (1) | about (2)
Aphid 'F' Fly
Arncliffe:- day tickets | fishing
Baetis Nymph (Edwards)
Bainbridge:- day tickets | fishing
beginners fly fishing courses:- see fly fishing courses
Beginners Stillwater Fly Set
bite indicators:- see Millstream Strike Indicators
Black 'F' Fly
Black Gnat
Black Klinkhamer
Black Magic
boat fly fishing (from)
Bolton Abbey:- day tickets | overview
breaks:- see fly fishing holidays
brown trout fishing season
Bung:- see Stillwater Strike Indicators
Burnsall:- day tickets
Burnsall Cottage:- see cottages
Cat Gut Nymph
CDC & Elk
CDC Caddis:- see CDC Sedge
CDC Olive
CDC Sedge
CDC Upwing
client testimonials: see guest reviews
close seasons:- see fishing seasons
Coniston Hall:- day tickets | fishing | images
Coniston Hall Hotel:- see Coniston Hall
contact me
Copperhead (Nymph)
courses:- see fly fishing courses
Coverbridge Inn The
Coverdale:- see River Cover
Czech Nymphing. See also fly fishing courses
Czech Nymph
Czech Nymphs:- see Czech Nymph
Daddy: see Detached Body Daddy
Detached Body Daddy
Dark Olive Paradun:- see Paraduns
day tickets:- Coniston Hall | Fewston Reservoir | Kilnsey Park | Leighton Reservoir | Malham Tarn
                   River Bain | River Cover | River Nidd | River Skirfare | River Swale | River Ure | River Ribble
                   River Wharfe | Scar House Reservoir | Stocks Reservoir | Swinsty Reservoir
Deer Hair Emerger
dry flies
dry fly fishing
Dry Sauce:- see floatant
duo method
Duracell Jig Nymph
Escorted Trips
'F' Fly
Fewston Reservoir:- day tickets | fishing | images
fishing seasons
flies - see Fly Shop
floatant:- Tiemco Dry Magic | Fulling Mill Dry Sauce
fly casting instruction:- see fly casting tuition
fly casting tuition
fly fishing breaks:- see fly fishing holidays
fly fishing courses:- full day beginners course | half day beginners course | ladies courses
                             river fly fishing course | 2/3 day beginners/improvers courses
fly fishing flies:- see fly shop
fly fishing holidays:- accommodation | grayling breaks | Yorkshire Dales
fly fishing instruction:- see fly fishing tuition
fly fishing instructor mentoring: see mentoring
fly fishing tuition
Fly Shop
Foam Dun
French nymphing
Full Day Introduction To Fly Fishing Course:- see fly fishing courses
Fuller's Mud
Fulling Mill Dry Sauce:- see floatant
Generic CDC
gift certificates
gift voucher
Gold Head (Pheasant Tail Nymph)
Gouthwaite Reservoir:- about | images
Grassington Cottage:- see cottages
grayling breaks
grayling fishing
grayling fishing season
grayling images
guest reviews
guiding:- River Bain | River Cover | Rivers Doe & Twiss | River Nidd | River Ribble | River Skirfare
             River Swale | River Tees | River Ure | River Wharfe | stillwater
Hackled 'F' Fly
Half Day Fly Fishing 'Taster' Courses:- see fly fishing courses
Hardy Pro Team
Hawthorn Fly
Hawes:- day tickets | fishing
Heron Herl F Fly
holidays:- see fly fishing holidays
Home page
how to book:- gift certificates and vouchers | in general
Ilkley:- day tickets | fishing
images: see Gallery
Ingleton:- day tickets | fishing
instructor mentoring: see mentoring
international postage
Jingler:- March Brown Jingler | Olive Jingler
Kilnsey:- See Kilnsey Park and Kilnsey Angling Club
Kilnsey Angling Club
Kilnsey Park:- day tickets | fishing
Klinkhamer:- see Klinkhamer Special
Klinkhamer Special
L2CCA:- see Level 2 Certificate to Coach Angling
Leeds and Bradford Airport
Leighton Reservoir:- day tickets | fishing
Level 2 Certificate to Coach Angling:- about (1) | about (2)
Light Olive Paradun:- as Medium Olive Paradun
Light Spanish Needle
loch style fly fishing
Malham Tarn:- day tickets | fishing | images
Manchester Airport
March Brown Jingler:- see Jingler
March Brown Paradun:- see Paraduns
Mary Copperhead
Medium Olive Paradun:- see Paraduns
Middleton-in-Teesdale:- day tickets | fishing
Millstream Strike Indicators
Nidderdale:- Nidderdale Angling Club (fishing) | Nidderdale Angling Club (day tickets) | River Nidd
North Country Spiders
Olive 'F' Fly
Olive Jingler:- see Jingler
Orange Partridge:- see Partridge And Orange
Pale Watery Paradun:- see Paraduns
Paraduns:- Pale Watery Paradun | Medium Olive Paradun | Dark Olive Paradun | March Brown Paradun
                 Yellow May Paradun
Partridge and Orange
Partridge and Yellow
Pateley Bridge
Quill Body Jig Nymph
references:- see guest reviews
Retirer Sedge
reviews:- see guest reviews
Richmond:-  day tickets | fishing | images | level
river flies - see Fly Shop
River Fly Fishing Course:- see fly fishing courses
River Bain:- day tickets | fishing | images | level
River Cover:- day tickets | fishing | images | level

River Doe:- day tickets | fishing | images
River Nidd:- day tickets | fishing | images | level
River Ribble:- day tickets | fishing | images | level
River Skirfare:- day tickets | fishing | images | level
River Swale:- day tickets | fishing | images | level
River Tees:- day tickets | fishing | images | level
River Twiss:- day tickets | fishing | images
River Wharfe:- day tickets | fishing | images | level
River Ure:- day tickets | fishing | images | level
Scar House:- see Scar House Reservoir
Scar House Reservoir:- day tickets | fishing | images
Settle:- day tickets | fishing | images
sinkant paste:- see Fuller's Mud
Snipe and Purple
Spiders:- see North Country Spiders
spinner (Evening Spinner)
STANIC:- see Level 2 Certificate to Coach Angling
stillwater flies
Stillwater Strike Indicators
Stocks Reservoir:- day tickets | fishing
strike indicators - see Millstream Strike Indicators
Swinsty Reservoir:- day tickets | fishing
Swinton Park
Teesdale:- see River Tees
Tenkara Centre UK
Terms and Conditions
Tiemco Dry Magic:- see floatant
trio method
trout fishing:- various references throughout the site
Waterhen Bloa
wet flies:- see North Country Spiders
Wharfedale:- see River Wharfe
Worm The
Yellow May Paradun:- see Paraduns
Yellow Partridge:- see Partridge and Yellow
Yorkshire Wet Flies:- See North Country Spiders 

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