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Fast flowing rivers and streams require specific flies to fish them successfully throughout the year. The rainfed rivers of the Yorkshire Dales are no different as they fall steeply from their source high in the Pennines and flow swiftly through the Dales. Our flies need to be capable of fishing in such water and fooling the trout and grayling that we seek. Our nymphs need to be small, like the naturals they copy, but dense enough to sink to the stream-bed where our quarry will be lying. Our dry flies need to be the correct size and have the right silhouette to imitate the natural flies we will encounter and also be tied well enough so that they will float well. Our North Country Spiders, wet flies, are also very important on fast flowing rivers, indeed it was here that they were first tied hundreds of years ago. They need to be tied on the correct style of hook, be sparse but also durable (as much as a bit of feather and thread can be!). All these flies may well be needed on a single day's river fishing such is the nature of fishing a river.

Many of my guests want to buy the flies that they have used when fishing with me, or they want to buy their flies before they travel to the Yorkshire Dales. With the proliferation of flyfishing on the internet, and magazines with the latest 'modern' flies, demand for well tied river flies has soared. Because of this demand and because good river flies are hard, if not impossible to find, I now supply trout and grayling flies. Many of these flies are tied for me locally. They are tied to my exact specifications and standards and are the exact flies that I use myself, whether pleasure fishing or competition fishing. They will not fall apart after one fish, cannot be bought anywhere else (I don't supply others) and most importantly they work! They are tied on top quality hooks including, Tiemco (TMC), Partridge of Redditch and Knapek, with the best fly tying materials available and all are barbless/de-barbed. All the pictures are of actual flies chosen at random from my selection. They are not pictures of one carefully tied fly to seduce you, only to send you sub-standard flies from stock.

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Orders can be sent internationally but clearly there is an increased postage cost for this. I only charge a nominal fee of an additional £3.00 (£5.50 in total) to post orders overseas (including Republic of Ireland). If you are ordering from outside the United Kingdom please use the link below to add international postage to your order.

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